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LAIT911 Membership (12 months)

LAIT911 Membership (12 months)

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The ultimate safety package that goes above and beyond our already fantastic free plan. With just a click, you can gift your loved ones the tools they need to stay safe and informed in any situation. Trust us; they'll thank you for it! šŸ˜ Or, no judgement here, feel free to snag it for yourself.

Unlock a World of Safety with Our Premium Plan:

šŸ” Access to Additional Agencies: Our premium members gain access to even more valuable resources from various agencies, empowering them with comprehensive information to make informed decisions during any incident.

šŸ”’ Greater Control Over Notifications: Customizable notification preferences ensure your loved ones receive critical updates in a way that suits their lifestyle best.

šŸ” Easier Incident Searching: Searching for archived incidents becomes a breeze with the advanced search capabilities our premium plan offers, making it easier to find and analyze past data.

And that's not all! Our Premium Membership also includes all the benefits of our Basic Plan:

šŸš’ LA County Fire Access

šŸš” CHP Archive Access

šŸ” Archived Incident Search

šŸ”” Slack Instant Incident Notifications

šŸ“± Mobile App for iOS & Android Devices

Remember, your thoughtful gesture could make all the difference in times of crisis. Let's work together to create a safer community for everyone we hold dear.

You will receive an email within 24 hours of purchase on instructions on how to redeem your membership.

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